Retro Paint

Retro Paint - simple paint app for everyday - Free

Retro Paint

Retro Paint helps people around the world paint simple pictures, mark photos and documents and share it. Some people paint diary pictures (every day a new one) and share it with friends via Bluetooth, e-mail and other.
After some days they have an art gallery.

It is easy make document photo or room photo for example, mark some places and send it quickly to someone.
Ideal App for everyday use. Also, it is very easy for kids studying. The main goal is simplicity of use.
It is free to download and use.

+ Pencil;
+ Line;
+ Rectangle;
+ Ellipse;
+ Star;
+ Heart;
+ Multi corners shape;
+ Text;
+ Flood-fill;
+ Rectangle select & move;
+ Erase;
+ Camera photo capture;
+ Color select (with Alpha value);
+ Width select (line, pencil, etc.);
+ Pick color;
+ Undo, multilevel;
+ Clean canvas;
+ Save pictures;
+ Load pictures;
+ Share (send, etc.);

Images are saved under Photos and Gallery.

Size is 4 Mb only.

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